Workshop on Business History in Central and Eastern Europe


WBHCEE is an initiative of CEE scholars devoted to development and popularization of the field of Business History in Central & Eastern Europe. WBHCEE aims at facilitating international exposure, cross-country comparison and an interdisciplinary discussion about research topics and methods.

The workshop series emerged as result of our impression that Central & Eastern Europe still seems to be missing from international debate in the field of business history despite significant acomplishments by economic and business historians in Central and Eastern Europe. The origins of the initiative date back to 2018 when a group of CEE scholars with the support of the European Business History Association (EBHA) organized the first workshop at Kozminski University in Warsaw. 

The determination and commitment of scholars interested CEE business history resulted in the workshop being organized continuously every year since 2019. WBHCEE network is open to all researchers interested in Business History in the CEE and welcomes new members and potential contributors.