Paper Development Seminar Series 

WBHCEE Paper Development Seminar Series is a monthly one-hour event that aims at providing authors with peer-to-peer feedback on their manuscripts for potential submission to academic journals in the area of business and economic history. It will take place over Zoom on the last Thursday of each month. The paper development seminar series welcomes Ph.D. students and established scholars.


WBHCEE Paper Development Seminar Series will focus on the business and economic history of Central Eastern Europe. However, case studies on other regions are welcome if they present a valuable comparative context and help us understand processes and historical phenomena in the CEE. We also welcome theoretical papers. Our disciplinary approach is inclusive: papers from the sister disciplines, such as business studies, historical demography, social history, management history, environmental studies, and heritage studies, will be considered. However, we might ask you to justify how business and economic historians' feedback can benefit from your paper.